On Sunday, February 20, our guest is Clino Trini Castelli, a Milan based designer, artist and design theorist, internationally known for CMF design (Color, Material and Finishes) of which he is the initiator. He will speak about his Umbrella Diagram, a fundamental tool to configure CMF design languages and forecast historical colour and material trends.

Please note that the event will NOT be recorded, so don’t miss this very special opportunity to hear him talk and ask questions.

Registrations are limited to 100, so ensure your virtual seat early by registering.

Clino Trini Castelli, Grey Light Pavillion, Cassina Showroom, 1985. © 2022 Courtesy Clinoarchives.Online.
Cassina Showroom – Gray Light Pavillion: Interior of the dome of the Cassina Showroom built in 1985 with a mosaic of large curved panels covered with different types of highly retroreflective 3M films. The orientation and quality of the catadioptric films determine the virtual effect of the three-dimensionality of the coffered ceiling, even with very weak light conditions. The plant has remained efficient for more than 20 years.
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