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Call for Contributions Open

We invite you to discuss with us the variability of colour in natural, built, and sociocultural environments.

In the SG ECD Workshop at the AIC2021 we would like to discuss the variability of colour. How does colour, its appearance and its materiality, dramatically change over time? And why? We also would like to draw attention to the variability of colour in natural, built, and sociocultural environments. How does colour dramatically change the environment over time? A building can change its chromatic appearance depending on trends or urban policies. For example, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, an important symbol of political power, has been repeatedly repainted over the centuries including its colour being radically changed from brick red to turquoise more than ten times. Aiming to initiate discussion about how colour changes its appearance as well as how the environment changes with the application of colour, topics to be addressed will not only entail the impacts on colour through the implementation of administrative policies and regulations, but also the effects via time of day and seasons, ageing, light, artworks, fashion, changing beliefs, meanings, sociocultural factors, and digitalization. 
Format: Participants of the SG ECD Workshop are required to present their work in the PechaKucha storytelling format. 

Please send us your SG ECD Workshop abstract (350–500 words) including 3–5 keywords and your affiliation
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