The International Colour Association has a new two-year cycle of annual meetings, with the Congress (odd years) alternating every other years with a Midterm Meeting (even years).

Guidelines for organising these meetings are available on the AIC website.

The AIC Executive Committee (EC) is introducing a protocol to regularise the process for selecting the country or region where each annual conference will be held.

The aim is to ensure the process is more open and fair to all regular members who wish to bid. The following is proposed:


1) The Secretary will issue a Call for Proposals each year for the conference to be held four years ahead.


2) Any Regular Member wishing to host a conference will prepare a digital proposal document including:
– covering letter summarising why this is the ideal choice
– the approximate month when the event will be held
– members of the organising committee
– process for selecting a venue
– theme of the conference (for Midterm Meeting)
– possible sponsors or sources of funding
– colour-related attractions, social events and tours
– consolidating the ‚legacy‘ (activities and membership)- letter of intent, signed by the Chair of the Regular Member organisation


3) While proposals for 2022 (Midterm Meeting) should be submitted to the Secretary by 31st March 2019, we are also welcome proposals for 2023

(Congress) and 2024 (Midterm Meeting).


4) The EC will consider all proposals at its meeting and announce the decision.