The Asociación Mexicana de Investigadores del Color, A.C. invites color specialists to share their knowledge and experiences in the magical city of Oaxaca, on October 21st-24th, 2014.

The theme “Color and Culture” is relevant because even although culture indicates different processes and diverse activities, color generates, inside the culture, a series of symbolisms that allows a better understanding and approach of the socio-cultural environment.

Topics: Color, culture and identity: past, present and future

  • ART AND DESIGN: Plastic arts, graphic design, industrial design, fashion and trends, architecture, interior design, packaging, photography, advertising, image and personality and cosmetology
  • HISTORY AND FOLKLORE: Anthropology, archaeology, textile design, popular arts, color and identity, crafts, global culture, local cultures and restoration
  • HUMAN DISCIPLINES: Psychology, perception, sociology, psychophysics, anthropology and ethnography
  • SEMIOTICS AND TEACHING: Meaning of the colors, new technologies for the teaching, advertising and communication
  • TECHNOLOGY AND COLOR INDUSTRY: dyes, food engineering, computing, measuring instruments, art materials and production of natural and artificial pigments
  • SCIENCE AND COLOR: Physics, optics, chemistry, neurology, illumination, medicine and chromotherapy



AIC Interim Meeting, Oaxaca, MEXICO
21-24 October 2014
Venue: Hotel Misión de los Ángeles, Porfirio Díaz 102, Reforma, 68050 Oaxaca
Organiser: Asociación Mexicana de Investigadores del Color,
AMEXINC (Mexican Colour Association)
Chair: Dr. Carlos I. Aguirre Velez