It is well known that the subject of colour has an impact on a range of disciplines. Colour has been studied in depth for many centuries, and as well as contributing to theoretical and scientific knowledge, there have been significant developments in applied colour research, which has many implications for the wider socio-economic community. At the 7th Convention of Colorimetry in Parma, on the 1st October 2004, as an evolution of the previous SIOF Group of Colorimetry and Reflectoscopy founded in 1995, the „Gruppo del Colore“ was established. The objective was to encourage multi and interdisciplinary collaboration and networking between people in Italy that addresses problems and issues on colour and illumination from a professional, cultural and scientific point of view. On the 16th of September 2011 in Rome, in occasion of the VII Conferenza del Colore, the members assembly decided to vote for the autonomy of the group. The autonomy of the Association has been achieved in early 2012.


18 | 09 | 2013 – CHROMA | Workshop on colour image between motion pictures and media
Preliminary Event to Conferenza del Colore


The workshop aims to facilitate interactions and debate between academic and professional players in the media and motion picture industries, as related to the common theme of colour. Chroma is born from the idea that the colour images in media and cinema need solid interdisciplinary foundations, tackling with both historical declinations as well as the ever increasing scientific and technological aspects.

19 e 20 | 09 | 2013 – IX CONFERENZA DEL COLORE